I am a maker at heart. I’ve always loved making things just for the fun and satisfaction of it, and secretly dreamed of one day having a creative business.

Having a child gradually made me question many of the things I used to take for granted. What products I am putting in and on her body, and mine? Where does the food come from that I serve my family? Am I supporting a local business or a national or international conglomerate?

Then, like so many others, I became aware of the issues around packaging and single use plastic. I’d heard about beeswax food wraps and figured I’d make my own some day when there was a magical gap in the project list. Several months later, I met a lovely stall holder on a rainy day at Totnes Market and pestered her with gazillions of curious questions about how to make the beeswax food wraps she was selling. At the end she casually dropped into the conversation that she might be selling her business… and like in a good romance movie, I said YES!

Bee Wrapped food wraps are both practical and pretty and help you to do the right thing for yourself, your family and the environment. They keep your food fresh for longer without nasty chemicals whilst keeping single use plastic out of our oceans and landfills. I also love colours so by selecting varying designs and interesting fabrics I intend to bring joy and variety to making and using the wraps.

Our wraps are designed to be easy to use and look after. We buy from local suppliers where possible and support local mums working on a part-time basis. So I finally get to make things whilst doing a little something good for our Mamma Earth.

I hope you enjoy using our wraps as much as we enjoy making them!