Furoshiki Fabric Wrap – Medium


Japanese-inspired furoshiki fabric wraps for reusable gift wrap, shopping, picnics and packed lunches.

Furoshiki (風呂敷, fu-rosh-ki) are traditional Japanese fabric wrapping cloths used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods.

These sustainable and reusable cloth have multiple everyday uses:


🐝 Picnics and packed lunches

Wrap your sandwich and veg sticks in beeswax wraps, then carry in a knotted furoshiki along with fruit, yoghurt or snack bars. At the end of your meal, you will be left only with foldable, pocket-sized pieces of fabric instead of hauling an empty lunchbox for the rest of your day.  The cloth can also double up as a place or picnic mat as well as be used as a napkin afterwards.


🐝  Gift Wrapping

An attractively wrapped present has been shown to positively enhance its perceived value in the eyes of the recipient. Knowing that wrapping paper generates millions of tons of waste annually, furoshiki are a sustainable alternative that can be used time and again.

When used as gift wrap, you decide whether the furoshiki becomes part of the present or is returned to you for future use. In Japanese culture, the latter is most common. Our furoshiki include small gift tags to indicate your preferred option to the recipient.


🐝  Shopping Bags

Furoshiki can also be knotted into shopping bags for small purchases.


Our medium furoshiki measure 50x50cm hemmed.

This size is perfect for wrapping books, boxes and small presents. It can also be used to present host gifts or small thank you presents.