Bee Plus 4 Pack


Our plus pack containing one small, two medium and one large beeswax food wrap. Ideal for singles and 2 person households.


Everything from the Bee Basic 3 Pack PLUS an extra medium size wrap. So that’s one small, two medium and one large wraps.

Use one medium wrap to cover your cheese in the fridge and still have one left for daily use in your kitchen.


1 x Small:​ 15/15 cm [5.9 inches] – Use to seal jars, cover cut vegetable & fruit halves and pack small snacks

2 x Medium:​ 20/20 cm [7.8 inches] – Large enough to cover breakfast bowls, avocados, cheese & snacks

1 x Large:​ 30/30 cm [11.8 inches] – Great for sandwiches and to cover salad bowls, dinner plates or dishes when you have leftovers


Care Instructions: Gently wash your beeswax food wraps in cool, soapy water and let air dry at room temperature. Use with cooled foods only. Not suitable for use in ovens and microwaves or with fresh meat & fish.


🐝 Our fabric designs vary as we stock new designs every 3-6 months 🐝

Our current fabric range includes (but is not limited to) the following designs:


No excuse for single use


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